I have been doing this for years and I love hearing the top of the line beats. So we can give you the top of the line Hooks,Lyrics,Songs and more. Coming from a struggle we understand the hustle of trying to get known. This started when I was doing a ten year bid and met some real live dudes that was about their grizzle. So were all putting sites together so we can help people out there that is about there business! So if you or your crew is about the take over lets get busy! Were also trying to link up with other underground artist and make this happen. Instead of  hating on each other lets get this paper! 2up 2down. Buck-Town 4 life!! So welcome to TILL THE DEATH OF ME RECORDS LLC. where we believe in the realness of the art of music. Like it or not,the truth is the truth. We give it to you how we see it. No faking!! We all go through different stages in life.  You got to know where you come from in order to know where your going. So don't judge the person before you can walk a mile in their shoes. We need that realness but in the same sentence we need to see the growth in that person as well. This is why the next project came about. Every seed grows at a different rate. This label is for the people that wants to shed light on the truths of change and how it feels to become better than what they were before!! When you become conscious of self and the reality around you. This is the def. for conscious,"aware of one's own existence,sensations,thoughts,surroundings,etc." We really have the skills to reach the masses that the church can't reach,because we have experienced the things the church is scared to teach,and were not here to preach. We just want to show that there is really hope for a sinner,but first we have to start from the beginning.. So lets make this move for the 2013 nd the years to come. Take a trip with the A.B.E click. Grind Hard,J-EVA,TUCK BURNA,PO'STYLL,SPADE,AND SPYDA.

Writer's Block  (TUCK BURNA!!)

I been doing this for years! Got a love and a passion for hip-hop tracks! Started off as a writer, but found out my thing is producing.  I've worked with different artists on numerous projects, but now you can hear me with TILL THE DEATH OF ME RECORDS LLC!  Let's get it moving!


As a young kid back in the day I often came home from school and would get in to my parents record collection.... From there it started I began making mixtapes( and I'm talking cassettes). I'd often blend songs off the radio with records and make my own blends... As time went on thru early yrs of college I got my first set of turntables and began learning the art of djing .... I studied and practiced constantly, eventually got to a point started doing campus parties and events. As time went on I got to a point I wanted to start making my own music so with the help of a few friends I learned the basics and acquiring some software.... I set out to show others my view on music and the beats I heard in my head.... And it just stuck with me.... It's crazy a small town kid from va with a passion for music and art in general has made it this far..... I will continue to push the essence of music farther...my philosophy is " I have no definitive style of music... I just make music... I wanna take u on a journey and paint a picture of beats and melodies..~DJ SPYDA AKA EASTCOASTAFFILIATE...


Well it all started back in 2005 when I first moved back to Buckingham VA. I met my two cousins,"Curtez,and Curtis". They both use to Rap. After a while I started taking it seriously and actually understood that rapping and writing songs was all about what and how you felt. Who would ever thought that I would become as good as I am now. Music is my life and my love. It makes feel  good and now I know this is what I'm suppose to be doing in life.


Jonathan A. Chambers and Romero Dunn (OWNERS/ARTIST/PRODUCERS)

Samuel Hendrick (Promoter,Manager,and Producer)

Rob Hoyle (Producer) 

 Marquay Gough (Artist)




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